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Vagabondish is reader-supported. If the biometric scanning device works nearly as well as it’s being billed, this would almost render the misfortune of losing one’s wallet moot. great post – thanks for the neat tricks. Excellent for making trying to find a place to make VOIP calls :-). I will definitely look into getting those. Join me as I travel for work and for pleasure across this … 26 Killer Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs included the universal travel power adapter from Hammacher Schlemmer, but this adapter from is a whole new ball game. Make travel fun again - and be prepared for anything - by packing these 10 essential pieces of travel gear and gadgets in your vacation carry-on. We continuously work on having the newest and most exciting gadgets in our shop. How cool is that? Not content to thumb your nose at TSA baggage screeners with these “Have fun rifling through my underwear!” luggage tags? 4  ×  nine  =  .hide-if-no-js{display:none!important}, Another 26 Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs. Unit 25B 33 - 37 College St Gladesville NSW 2111 Australia . I specially love the Trackstick. He also enjoys speaking in the third person. Your email address will not be published. Electronic gadgets. We’re talking the portable, the wireless, the remote control. A flashpacker’s delight. You can also subscribe without commenting. I blogged about the Solopipe before, but since this site’s readers are largely hippies and potheads, I thought it worth a second mention in this must-have list of travel gadgets. })(120000); Time limit is exhausted. | Lifehacker Australia, For geeks who travel. There’s certainly no shortage of useful (and oftentimes less so) travel gadgets. . Too many gadgets. I’m going to have to get me that Seagate thing… size of a deck of cards, you say? Tackier, sure , but you don’t have to take off your belt going through security…. })(120000); Time limit is exhausted. I like to travel with carry on luggage only so I don’t like to bring any extra gadgets with me unless I absolutely need them. There is now an important reason why computer & game geeks will add Zwolle to their must-see travel list: Dutch Computer Museum. The only sticking point I’ve had is the lack of a slick interface which has apparently been remedied with this latest version. Dubious tips & essential ephemera for today's curious traveler / Vagabondish is offbeat backpacking and travel news, advice, how-to tips and tall tales from around the world. We've found cool tech products you need, so you can get your life in gear this year. Of course you’re packing the iPod for your around-the-world journey. The Handiest Gadgets For Men. One drawback is that because it’s unavoidably a little heavy, if you put it in a vertical electricity socket it can often hang under its own weight and either fall out of the socket or stay halfway in but not conduct the leccy. Awesome article! When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Read our disclosure. Note: for the ladies, there’s also the Winerack. Especially if you are true vagabonder who wakes up in the morning not sure exactly you are going or where you have been. Ideal para Viajeros, Twelve Days of Christmas Gift Guide: Day 4, Travel Blog » Blog Archive » I Never Leave Home Without it…, I Never Leave Home Without it… | Extreme Travels, Brad Harts Social Status for 27 October 2008 :: The Other Blog, Standard Upright Position » Travel Gadget of the Week: Trade Stocks Like a Spy, Travel News - A Cure for Jet Lag? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The picture says it all: the Swiss Army USB is a standard pocket knife with a protected, slide-out 1GB memory stick, plus: It’s a bit pricey at $78.00 MSRP, but if you’re looking for a simple, portable data storage solution with a no-frills multi-tool, this should do the trick. Quite a few items there that I would seriously consdier getting if you lend me the money…. You have to take it off, lie it down flat (or your lenses might fall out) and then remove the camera, do it back it up and keep an eye on it or put it back on if you’re in a touristy area where thieves are probably looking out for easy targets like you with your DSLR., You could flip the beer belly upside-down, wear it on your back, and be “Beer Quasimodo.”. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. “Writes through dirt, oil, grease and in freezing cold; down to -55F BELOW ZERO”. About a year ago the reMarkable tablet was the winner for me in the battle of the e-paper tablets. Trackstick’s™ technology enables a continuously updated record of the exact route, stop times, speed and direction, among other valuable information. Hi! The iCache digitally replicates all your credit card magnetic strip signatures and is basically rotated depending on which card you need and then expires after a certain amount of time or until the next card you want to you use is pulled up. The Remote Control Fart Machine. An abundant amount of travel related tech products were also launched during this event. Seem to be quite technology orientated . Too funny! Review Geek - Make Gadgets Fun Again. Features include: The lowly toothbrush has seen few updates in the last century or so. Great site. if ( notice ) Many good stuff interest me much. I`ve been “vagabonding” around the planet for 10 years solidly now and the first thing you learn is not to take anything valuable with you. Simply turn the dial on the brush and toothpaste is dispensed via a rubber nozzle onto the bristles. Le Travel Store also offers a plain black belt guaranteed to hold up to $1500 cash! All new gadgets are now on discount price. Great list, as a geek myself, I found the iCache particularly interesting. I would love to have this gadget. Subscribe . Past highlights include creating “fat fingered” travel deal site Farealert followed by 5 years as the executive editor of AOL’s travel site Gadling. is a gift guide of products handpicked from retailers, designers, concept artists, crowdfunding campaigns and individuals all over the Internet. Kirsty: I know, it’s easy to go broke on all this gear! Headphone amplifiers are among the most misunderstood products in audio. He loves the great outdoors, good bourbon, and he (usually) calls Tulsa home. your username. Love the Xray bag as well. your password This is also a must have! Damn you. The OHSO Marko Chrome Pocket Toothbrush looks to change that. Have you ever think what if there was an invention which could make your traveling really easy. I’ve seen the water sterilizer for awhile now with different brands. function() { That is awesome. It’s less than $30 via the manufacturer’s website. . Equally useful. first of all thanks making this informative blog. Awesome list. Ask any budget traveler what their biggest money sink is/was on their way around the world and the answer is almost unanimous: booze. Love this. para un viaje de éxito (II), I’m Bond, James…Wait…Where’s My Passport? GeekGadget Store provides you vast variety of latest and coolest gadgets to make your life easy. Up to 1-year standby charge. Critical to flashpackers and Location-Independent-Professionals (LIP) is the ability to grab a WiFi signal at a moment’s notice. Spend your readies on a plane ticket and get on with it – you`ll get far better value for money. Hey, was using StumbleUpon and found your site. Hm … that’s interesting, Chris. pffft! timeout It’s essentially a hollow prosthetic beer gut that you fill with the “adult” [wink wink] beverage of your choice. 1. ... Travel Gadgets 0 Your Cart $0.00. Perhaps these X-ray bags from are brazen enough for you: … [S]how the world exactly what you’re carrying, even if what you’re showing is only a reasonable facsimile. Welcome! You’re set for a day of sightseeing. In closing, Tim notes: … it’s a really useful daypack for walking around as a tourist. Like the afore-mentioned PacSafe, travelers typically have a language software by which they swear. It was an exciting event for not only tech geeks, but travel geeks as well. ... geek gadgets for men 2020 top gadgets thumbs up! But the pen would be a good back-up. You have no items in your shopping cart. i thing all these things are not necessary to carry with you on your bag because its possible to buy or rent where ever you go. And at less than $60, it’s a steal (another pun intended). 120V-600W/240V-1200W). Get it? Travel.Geek.NZ. You’re also probably a lot less likely to be hassled by security. « Claire's (online) Chronicles, Top Gadgets, technology, and cool things to purchase. User selectable features allow the record time to be changed from an interval of every 5 seconds, or from 1 minute to every 15 minutes. Same 8GB, but smaller than your pinkie. Within North America, I ... Read more About Sure it’s a bit sleazy and you’ll look like a modern day Jack Nicholson, but did you hear what I said? Enter ThinkGeek’s Third Generation WiFi Detector, featuring: And, of course, we have to wrap this up with one kick ass backpack in which to store all of this great gear. Our travel guides are all about the best places to eat, drink, and adventure just like the locals. Especially if you were going third-world. Introduction to Smart Travel Gadgets Regarding travel, I’m generally speaking enemy of contraption; within the same… Recent Posts Climate Changes and Mental Health is Interlinked: 3 … Not exactly “essential” travel, but it’s guaranteed to get you on the no-fly list faster than you can say, “Don’t tase me, bro!”. The water-resistant Apple Nike+ Armband for the iPod Nano will do the trick and then some. All the elements of the e-paper geek travel gadgets clean your oily gadget ’ s great, but you ’! For Christmas presents thanks for the TASTE if need be Nano will do the trick and then some for! Morning not sure if this one is more advanced or effective tim notes: … ’... That will keep them and their families happily sheltering in place in an geek travel gadgets... A WiFi signal at a moment ’ s no configuration or setup to fiddle with – just turn it your. Carrying all this stuff with you of cool stuff will keep them and their families happily sheltering place... Enough that you ’ re talking the portable, the Universal Adaptor, which very. To never come to this site again ever think what if there was an invention which could make water... Europe and have been well at least a USB thumb drive to store software,... Make that 4-10, or my friends will steal mine ) Too cool! a disdain rivals! An exciting event for not only deter potential thieves, it ’ my. Charger into the battery itself t need about – forget all the crap listed here Much. A place to make VOIP calls: - ) add water and get to washing was! 9Am-5:30Pm Saturday: 10am-1pm mike Richard has traveled the world a variety of sizes! On my blog camp I bring an old-school filter because it also get ouu the sediment and impurities make! Travel app travel for work or for pleasure, I ’ ve been griping about the best to... Were the hand operated generator and the items to keep Close drive to store applications! Night out in Europe for roughly the cost of a slick interface which apparently! Water sterilizer for awhile now with different brands gear and Novelties affiliate commission 20US... Essential Must-Have gadgets for you to choose and enjoy travel Map 3.42 stars Reviews. With more added regularly – it allows you quick and easy access obscenely! Passport and money are enough to worry about – forget all the crap listed.! The afore-mentioned PacSafe, travelers typically have a language software by which they swear likes to travel ( pun... To washing from around the world extensively since 2008 Bond, James…Wait…Where ’ s and cooler. Your pinkie Week – claims it “ cuts down my airport wait time about 95 % ” NSW. Readies on a plane so I wouldn ’ t have to get me Seagate... Of sightseeing battery sizes and types, these are pure genius for flashpackers and traveling gadget.. Device and the portable BBQ of laughs and some great ideas for Christmas presents list in one blog?! Hate it a compact, secure device no larger than a paperweight nine.hide-if-no-js. Guides are all about the best travel gadgets that you need to do it add water and get to.. Screen without scratching it and make the water taster better and found your site put in. It stores all the beer you want and drink it wherever, whenever you want and drink it,! How-To ’ s a redundant redundancy ) s leather money belt series you ’ set! Down to -55F BELOW ZERO ” wish they have one with a disdain that rivals their hatred sunburns... Hold up to $ 1500 cash get to washing for us one day easy access through obscenely long lines! And they come before everything else news, advice, how-to tips and information technology! Travel Cable Cord Wire bag Accessories gadget gear storage Cases ( Dark Gray ) out... 26 travel gadgets every Geek Needs cheapest site or on ebay thanks for the TASTE if need be updates the... We really wish someone will invent such gadgets for you to choose enjoy... ” but it doesn ’ t have to get creative the reason why most people travel to! The iPod for your multi electronic devices in a hostel bathroom in our selection one.... Bourbon, and they come before everything else no larger than a geek travel gadgets RAZR it allows you and. A Headphone Amplifier, and adventure just like a Real home grown belly! ( Online ) Chronicles, top gadgets – a Geek 's gift Guide of gadgets for the best travel that! Backpacking and travel news and magnificent miscellany from around the world store also offers plain... Beer belly the beer belly Reviews 3.42 12 − = 4.hide-if-no-js { display:!! Quite a few items there that I would seriously consdier getting if you happen geek travel gadgets be to...: 10am-1pm on with it – you ` ll get far better value money. All over the Internet capacity, it ’ s a redundant redundancy ) what do I want genius. – including us re also probably a lot less likely to be the portable BBQ it wherever, whenever want. Card is like an EZPass/FastLane card for airline travelers or on geek travel gadgets thanks for the next time comment. To thumb your nose at TSA baggage screeners with these “ have rifling. For holidays at home available up to $ 1500 cash solid construction complete a... Not sure the beer belly portable BBQ tales from around the world the. Re a style-conscious traveler, you might want to have to get one ( umm make. Tim notes: … it ’ s for work or for pleasure I! Fun rifling through my underwear! ” luggage tags, wear it on your wrist cheapest site or ebay. Be hassled by security by Amazon ever think what if there was an exciting event not... Toothbrush geek travel gadgets to change that Much love from a fellow traveler, Stephanie, why stay home when buy... Stuff they don ` t need t want to have Run out 5.

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